SW Electric Supply is increasing our focus on the OEM market. SW Electric Supply realizes that this market has similar needs when it comes to electrical supplies. Product requirements are typically repetitive in demand making product identification and specification a simpler process. Once the products are identified and the specifications are met, SW Electric Supply excels with price and availability.

Lead times - Stock out situations can hold up order shipments and lead to poor evaluations, lost business and sometimes, liquidated damages. SW Electric Supply stocks material on the shelf to assure consistent delivery schedules.
Cash Flow - We can take our inventory advantage a step further by initiating a consignment inventory in your location. This further improves both lead time and cash flow. The material is already in your facility before you buy it. You are billed only after the product is used.
With our broad preferred supplier base and our culture of supplying products through branches rather than distribution centers, we have a superior position in the marketplace to handle this business.