Highest level of protection & obedience training. For a personal protection dog that is customized for you, we recommend our Exclusive Custom Program . Level One does not include full body contact. The Protection 3 is considered a master’s level protection training title that requires many advanced training exercises that are designed to test the tenacity, courage, athletic ability, trainability and last, capability of a dog to perform very challenging protection and … Vienna is a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois with a KNPV PH1 title. CRIME NEED BEWARE OF MRAZOVAC K9www.mrazovack9.comThe highest caliber personal protection dogs the world has to offer! Scotts Police K9. He is the epitome of the classic German Shepherd. From Personal Protection Dogs to Family Protection Dogs , CCPD has become synonymous with excellence in the protection dog industry. No prong, choke or electronic collars allowed. K9 Bikse 3 year old KNPV PH1 Male Malinois. All of the protection dogs for sale on this page are bred from the finest European bloodline. +44 (0) 793 0408 458 ... Level 3 German Shepherd. Level 3 Protection Training . Aprox 4-6 wks. ... 1 YEAR MaleBelgian Malinois - Level 3 family Protection dog. Level 3 $55,000+ (Fully Trained Dog Purchase) Cost of animal + Training completed + Handler Course (1-3 days) Certificate of health clearance from licensed Veterinarian + 6 month health guarantee FULLY TRAINED EXECUTIVE BUSINESS FAMILY & PERSONAL PROTECTION DOGS - SHOW DOGS - SCHUTZHUND TITLED DOGS - FAMILY COMPANIONS POLICE K-9 PATROL DOGS … We just take those basic exercises and teach them on a very advanced level. In protection Iran is like a bullet. Must have gone through Level 1. 1. Call Wüstenberger-Land K9s at (661) 904-4737 or contact us online for personal protection German shepherds in Southern California. Protection - Level #3: All protection work must be done off lead. protection dogs for sale Personal K9 strives to provide our clients with the exact fit for you and your business or family's needs. Level 1 Protection Training . Now, there is a significant difference in price from a dog that will bark on command or bark when a threat is assessed, compared to a dog that can subdue multiple intruders, do building searches, perimeter checks, etc. Must have gone through our Level 2 **WE OFFER A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE** Prices for personal protection dogs vary depending on the level of training and title. With this option we find the perfect dog and tailor the training to meet your specific desires and needs!You pick the breed, age, sex and level of training your heart desires AND WE DELIVER THE DOG OF YOUR DREAMS.. Costs vary based on breed, training and length of time we have the dog. Very affectionate but tough dog. For the discerning person that desires something special we have our custom order, trained dogs for sale program. £2,500 Ben is a fully trained level 3 executive protection dog. Certified Police Service Dogs For Sale Overview & Description. All of these dogs are given the same thorough off-leash obedience training, so your personal protection dog can easily stay by your side all day long.The difference between the training levels is the protection exercises that are involved. Protection Dogs - Fully trained Personal Protection Dogs, Family Guard & Security Dogs available for sale in UK & Worldwide. More details. Our majestic all German Schutzhund/IPO Certified German Shepherd Trained Protection Dogs for sale provide outstanding personal Protection. Gender: Male. We are the most experienced Importer of the best All German (not lesser quality "European Bloodlines") World Renown Sieger … 67,500.00. – Level 2 HighClass Protection Dog. Our Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd guard dogs sell quickly after we place them on our website, so please contact us to make sure that the dog that interests you is still available. Decoy is fifty (50) yards away from handler and dog. Aprox 4-6 weeks. We have imported and trained many dogs whom I would consider to be close to perfect but Vienna has raised the bar. Stunning Beautiful Sable German Shepherd Female For Sale Obedience Protection Trained Xenia von Prufenpuden. Your pet will be safe around your children and females. – Level 1 HighClass Deterrence Dog. We have several available protection dogs for sale. This page is dedicated to celebrating this team. 702-659-0000 HOME I can tell you from experience, there is not one thing that a $70,000 dog will do that one of my Level 3 Protection dogs would not. She is the finest female Belgian Malinois I have ever seen. 704-666-8144 704-666-8144 protection@paladink9.com Executive Protection Dogs Decoy is carrying two (2) metal trash can lids. Must have gone through our Obedience Training. www.scottsk9.com K9 Working Dogs International offers specialized trained Certified Executive Protection Dogs for the individual that wants the absolute best K9 Protection available, and that has a high Security Threat or issue that requires a more serious Protection Dog that is trained to the highest possible degree of performance and reliability. PERSONAL PROTECTION : All breeds attack & release on command .Training to defend the handler . The trained family guard dogs pictured below are available for purchase from Scott’s K9. A dog trained at level three will protect your family in any and all circumstances. May 4, 2016 - Protection Dog for sale. Your dog will be alert and react to any suspicious activity. Executive Personal Protection Dog. Any test or demo welcome. knock down and hold onto a challenger even while wearing a muzzle. He’s great with kids and other dogs and loves to please. If you do not see the right dog for you please contact us. Packages starting at $4500.00 .The dog must first have at least basic obedience for this package .Your dog must be tested first ,the test charge is between $40.00 to $80.00 depending on your location. To be a part of the PSA 3 club, dogs must have passed obedience and protection to earn their Level 1 Title, two legs to earn their Level 2 Title, and two legs to earn their Level 3 Title. – Level 3 HighClass Family & Estate Protection Dog. The level 3 dog has all the training of the level 2 dog, but has the option of being able to be deployed off leash to pursue and capture a fleeing person or a threat from a distance. Jake. Security dogs for children. Level 1 dogs start at $12,000, Level 2 dogs start at $20,000, and Level 3 dogs start at $30,000. Scott's K9 is the nations leading provider of fully trained executive and family protection dogs. We have found over the last 30 years what matters first and foremost in viable protection is the ability to turn your dog … These featured dogs have also achieved the highest level of civilian protection training and are qualified to be called Pinnacle Protection Dogs. The dog will focus on full body contact. We provide the best German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois protection dogs for sale in Florida. Paladin K9 will be happy to assist you with the purchase of a fully trained protection dog, or training for your own dog. This level includes both level one and two, as well as a police standard protection, search, and extreme off leash control. Upon a signal from the judge the decoy begins banging … SDT level 3 protection dogs have all of the training level 1 and level 2 dogs have, but they are also trained to commit to the highest level of guarding and defense regardless of being on or off leash, environment, they can be deployed to pursue and apprehend, and they are dogs that will likely risk their own life to ensure the safety of their person or family. We train Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd dogs for home protection in three different levels: Protector, Guardian and Guardian Plus. He has the drive and power of an extraordinary working dog, and will provide an extremely high level of protection. Great with children and women. Teaches the dog to protect you and your home under any circumstance where the dog feels a threat to you or your personal property. Command Dogs Las Vegas offers the highest quality Trained Protection K9s for sale.These dogs have been trained in upper level dog training and available. 1-855-758-7364 Home . He is fully trained on & off lead. Prices for our dogs include: the best protection dog for your family, fully trained at the level indicated plus owner handling assistance and introduction. This level is not typically recommended for civilian protection. The Protection P3 class. The "offense dog" is trained to use its body to . Aprox 4-6 weeks. He comes to us from the Czech Republic as a working Police Dog. I have personally been in the dog business for 35 years and saw my first Malinois about 20 years ago. This achievement is no easy feat. Level 1 dogs start at $12,000, Level 2 dogs start at $20,000, and Level 3 dogs start at $30,000. Vandi is a beautiful black and red German Shepherd from top European show lines. Personal Protection Dogs For Sale. Trained dogs for sale, Family Guard dogs for peace of mind. Our fully-trained dogs provide your home, property and family security. The level of training experience within our team produces top class protection dogs, this is what sets our Protection Dogs apart from other executive guard dogs. We also offer personal protection training to dog owners in Florida. Call us at (919) 939-6003 for more information. Our protection training for our Executive Protection Dogs is basic; “turn on”, attack and turn off. Personal Protection Dog Pricing. Breed: German Shepherd . He is a male & 2 years old. ... Elite Home Security Personal Protection Family Dog For Sale Executive Level Angel von Prufenpuden UCGC. Level 3 . To reach it shows the amazing relationship between dog and handler. Iran is a beautiful, sable male German Shepherd. We have a lifetime of experience in training, breeding, and the workability for German bloodline German shepherds. Personal Protection watchdogs available in many breeds. Prices for personal protection dogs vary depending on the level of training and title.

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